Public Properties

  Name Description
Public property Container Gets the IContainer that contains the Component. (inherited from Component)
Public property CustomBackgroundPaint Specifies whether to enable custom background painting, this only applies to the client region of the Form, Panel and UserControl controls.
Public property ExcludeTag Specifies a global tag,

any Control or Formwhose Tag value matches this string will automatically have the skin removed, regardless of the TargetControls setting.

Public property HookSystemColors Specifies whether to override system colors and replace them with the skin palette.
Public property HookSystemDrawing Specifies whether to skin parts that are directly drawn by the OS platform.
Public property IncludeTag Specifies a global include tag,

any Control or Formwhose Tag value matches this string will automatically get skinned, regardless of the TargetControls setting.

Public property ShadowStyle Specifies the shadow style to apply to all forms.
Public property ShadowVisible Specifies whether the form shadow is visible. The form shadow is a translucent drop shadow effect applied to all application forms.
Public property Site Overridden. Overridden, see Site
Public property SkinCommonDialogs Specifies whether to skin the common dialog components, such as the OpenFileDialog, SaveFileDialog, FontDialog etc.
Public property SkinMode Specifies how application forms and controls will be skinned.

Use Manual to manually skin forms and controls.

Use Automatic to automatically skin all application forms and controls.

Public property SkinSystemControls Specifies whether to skin all native system controls and dialogs.
Public property Style Specifies the OS skin style to apply to all target controls
Public property TargetControls Specifies which application controls will have the skin applied.

Use None to skin no application forms or controls,

Use Forms to skin only application forms,

Use Controls to skin only application controls,

Use FormsAndControls to skin all application forms and controls,

Use TaggedControls to skin all tagged application forms and controls,

Public property ToolStripStyle Specifies what ToolStrip render style to use. Use System to render toolstrips with skinned elements.

Use Professional to render toolstrips with professional skinned colors.

Use Mixed to render toolstrips with a combination of system and professional styles.

Public property UseSystemFonts Specifies whether to use system fonts in place of the skin fonts.

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