SkinSoft AquaSkin.Net


AquaSkin.Net is supplied with 5 professionally designed skins that replicate the look and feel of the Mac OS-X Tiger, Panther, Leopard, iTunes and Brushed styles. There is also a choice of 3 ToolStrip rendering styles. Please click on a image below to see a full skin preview.

Built-in Skins

Max OS-X Tiger Skin Mac OS-X Panther Skin AquaSkin  OS-X Leopard Skin
OS-X Tiger OS-X Panther OS-X Leopard
AquaSkin OS-X  iTunes Skin AquaSkin OS-X Brushed Skin OS-X Tiger DataGrid Skin
OS-X iTunes OS-X Brushed OS-X Tiger DataGrid
OS-X Panther DataGrid Skin OS-X Leopard DataGrid Skin OS-X iTunes DataGrid Skin
OS-X Panther DataGrid OS-X Leopard DataGrid OS-X iTunes DataGrid
OS-X Brushed DataGrid Skin OS-X Brushed SaveFileDialog Skin OS-X Leopard OpenFileDialog Skin
OS-X Brushed DataGrid OS-X SaveFileDialog OS-X OpenFileDialog
OS-X FolderBrowserDialog Panther Skin OS-X iTunes FontDialog Skin OS-X Leopard ColorDialog Skin
OS-X FolderBrowserDialog OS-X FontDialog OS-X ColorDialog
OS-X Tiger PrintDialog Skin
OS-X PrintDialog