SkinSoft AquaSkin.Net

Whats New

Ver 3.0.1804.1  - April 23, 2018

New: Added Full support for Visual Studio 2015 and 2013 IDE's.
Fix: Installer issue on Windows 10.

Ver  - November 13, 2017

New: Product versioning switched from Assembly File to Assembly versioning.
New: Improved rendering of navigation bar on Open/Save common dialogs.
Fix: DataGridView elements not skinned during WM_PRINT.
Fix: System color InactiveCaptionText sometimes not hooked.
Fix: Rare OverflowException thrown on Windows 7 64-bit platform.
Fix: CheckedListBox check box un-skinned when scrolling or selecting items.
Fix: TabControl Tab Images not displaying when using ImageKey lookup.
Fix: MDI parent menu bar still visible after closing all maximized MDI children.
Fix: MDI parent caption not reflecting changes when MDI child text changes.
Fix: Disabling common dialog skinning now works as expected.
Fix: Background color issue with Windows 8 MessageBox.
Fix: Text layout issue when using TextImageRelation and non standard skin fonts.
Fix: Scrollbars with a range greater than 100,000,000 would throw an overflow exception.
Fix: WinForms DrawToBitmap method would not render skinned scrollbars.
Fix: Unable to validate license if local security policy had FIPS compliant algorithms enabled.

Ver  - January 19, 2016

Fix: DataGridView sometimes threw NullReferenceException on non themed platforms.
Fix: Non disposed Forms sometimes threw exception in Skin Engine finalizer.
Fix: Skin Engine sometimes threw Dib buffer exception with non valid rectangles.

Ver  - October 8, 2015

New: Enhanced skin support for all 3rd party controls.
New: Updated designer task pane with additional settings.
New: Added support for panel icons on the WinForms StatusBar control.
Fix: Skinned colors failed to refresh correctly under .NET framework v4.0.
Fix: Button focus cues sometime incorrect with long text and AutoEllipsis is enabled.
Fix: Forms sometimes appeared transparent when Aero Theme is enabled.
Fix: Performance issue with a large number of transparent controls on a Tab page.

Ver  - April 18, 2015

New: Installers now include Visual Studio 2010 sample projects.
New: Now supports NET 3.5 and NET 4.0 Client Framework deployment.
New: Updated internal licensing to use new registration method.
New: Enhanced support for ComponentOne WinForms control suite.
New: Improved Visual Style Hook engine, now skins most of the UxTheme classes.
New: DataGridView row and column headers now skinned on non themed platforms.
Fix: License manager would sometimes fail to load on some platform environments.
Fix: ToolTip threw exception when balloon style is enabled.
Fix: DataGridView threw exeption when running on non-themed platforms.
Fix: ToolStrip Renderer not using item text color when assigned system color.

Ver 2.6.2  - June 9, 2010

New: Added design-time support for Visual Studio 2010.
Fix: ToolStripSplitButtton skinned with wrong ToolStripStyle setting.
Fix: Form caption text not displaying mnemonic characters.
Fix: Issue with focus rectangle on CheckBox when UseSystemFonts is enabled.
Fix: Intermittent white background regions on OpenFileDialog.

Ver 2.5.6  - May 5, 2010

New: Help now integrated into Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and Express editions.
New: Now supports the Visual Basic power pack shape controls.
New: Various performance improvements to internal skin engine.
New: Added support for bottom aligned tabs on winForms TabControl.
New: Added support for CS_NOCLOSE class style on forms, to disable close button.
Fix: FontDialog font list would dissappear when losing focus on Windows XP.
Fix: Maximizing a form would not honor the Form MaximumSize property.
Fix: Hook DLL would sometimes fail to load when running on Windows 7 x64.
Fix: New Minimized Form would not activate correctly when Aero theme is enabled.
Fix: Unable to use AquaSkin in C++.Net application due to compile error.
Fix: DateTimePicker drop down button rendered incorrectly on Windows XP.

Ver 2.4.6  - January 20, 2010

New: Added support for WinForms FlatStyles on all applicable controls.
New: Now supports all undocumented WinForms captionless form modes.
New: Added option to turn off text shadow effects on form captions and controls.
Fix: Form AcceptButton not correctly highlighted under certain instances.
Fix: Native ContextMenu shown at incorrect position when not parented to a form.
Fix: MessageBox Close button shows enabled when created without Ok or Cancel buttons.
Fix: TextBox with FixedSingle border style not rendered correctly on themed OS.

Ver 2.3.7  - October 6, 2009

New: Now skins the WinForms Splitter control.
New: Improved skinning of the WinForms ToolStrip and MenuStrip controls.
New: Improved support for native MainMenu component including menu wrapping.
New: WinForms TrackBar control now skins with full transparency.
Fix: WinForms DateTimePicker border rendered incorrectly under Windows XP.
Fix: iTune skin contained incorrect images for disabled scrollbar parts.
Fix: ProgessBar would not render full range on skins that use chunk spacing.
Fix: Drop down ComboBox would not display scrollbars in certain scenarios.
Fix: Highlight color on selectable controls now skins correctly on all platforms.
Fix: Incorrect padding applied to TextBox client area, when using certain skins.
Fix: System drawing hooks now skin ControlPaint.DrawBorder3D correctly.
Fix: System control box visible in some scenarios when running on non-themed OS.

Ver 2.2.5  - May 19, 2009

New: Improved appearance of iTunes RadioButton, ComboBox and Scrollbar skin.
New: Improved rendering of form borders when using iTunes and Tiger skins.
New: Added support for skinned Marquee style WinForms ProgressBar.
New: Now supports background images on MDI container forms.
New: Now skins CrystalReportViewer, Microsoft ReportViewer controls.
New: Improved rendering of ToolStrips when using system ToolStripStyle.
Fix: Paint artifacts when scrolling TrackBar thumb using iTunes skin.
Fix: Unable to perform TextBox copy / paste when used on MDI child forms.
Fix: Unable to perform layout action on MDI child forms in an MDI container.
Fix: Unable to customize ForeColor and BackColor in in WinForms TextBox.
Fix: Bug in ListView Header control sometimes throwing a DIB Buffer exception.
Fix: Child forms with a FormBorderStyle.None now skin correctly.
Fix: Scrollbars not visible on TabPage control when AutoScroll is active.
Fix: Form shadow not restored when re-applying skin when previously removed.

Ver 2.1.0  - March 2, 2009

New: Added Tiger, Panther, Leopard, iTunes and Brushed Aqua Styles.
New: Now skins the WinForms MainMenu component.
New: Added support for TextImageRelation property on all applicable controls.
New: Now supports custom background painting for Forms, Panels and UserControls.
New: Added several advanced properties to control skin engine behavior.
New: Forms now support maximize / restore caption double-click behavior.
New: Improved skin rendering of minimized forms in a MDI application.
Fix: ToolBar skinned incorrectly when using flat appearance style.
Fix: RemoveSkin method throws exception when used on a form.
Fix: ToolStrips now skin correctly under non-themed OS such as Windows 2000.
Fix: Exception when changing skin in MDI applications with active minimized children.

Ver 2.0.0  - December 12, 2008

Fix: Minor issue with TreeView scollbar visibility.
New: Now supports all native x86 64-bit platforms.
New: Automatically skins DataGridView and DataGridColumn controls.
New: Automatically skins all ToolStrip, StatusStrip and MenuStrip controls.
New: Component designer now uses the latest smart-tag designer features.
New: Added support for three stunning new ToolStrip rendering styles.
New: Added Optimized shadow rendering mode for improved performance.

Ver 1.6.5  - October 28, 2008

New: Improved support for 3rd party user controls which utilize scrollbars.
Fix: System FolderBrowser dialog has incorrect bounds with each successive call.
Fix: Listview control not responding to mouse scroll wheel actions.
Fix: Unable to move / size forms on secondary monitor under certain monitor setups.
Fix: Scrollbars not automatically updated in multi-line TextBox control.

Ver 1.5.8  - July 25, 2008

New: Automatically skins WinForms PropertyGrid controls.
New: Automatically skins custom WinForms derived controls.
New: Full support for control background images where applicable.
New: Full support for control transparency via transparent color.
New: Updated tab control to support tab icons and transparency.
New: Allows customization of forms system menu by 3rd party controls.
Fix: ComboBox now reflects any changes to the BackColor property.
Fix: Unable to custom draw a skinned WinForms ListView control.
Fix: Label control not drawing Single border styles.

Ver 1.4.5  - June 28, 2008

New: Improved rendering of minimized MDI child forms.
Fix: Incorrect form bounds after using LayoutMDI method in MDI applications.

Ver 1.4.4  - June 20, 2008

New: Minor performance improvements to internal skin engine.
New: Added support for custom drawing of the WinForms TreeView control.
New: Ability to minimize / maximize forms using standard double click action.
Fix: PictureBox would not render Zoom size mode images.

Ver 1.4.0  - June 11, 2008

New: Now automatically skins WinForms MaskedEdit controls.
New: Now automatically skins WinForms DateTimePicker controls.
New: Full support for control BackColor and ForeColor color customization.
New: Full support for the control Padding property where applicable.
Fix: Incorrect client height with FixedDialog forms and no control box.
Fix: Unable to start skin engine when running on OS with restricted user account.
Fix: Incorrect skin colors used when rendering disabled TextBox and ComboBox.
Fix: Incorrect behavior when using TargetControls in ExcludeTag mode.
Fix: ComboBox scrollbars not skinned under certain conditions.

Ver 1.3.0  - May 15, 2008

New: Customizable alpha-blended form shadows available with three styles.
New: Now fully supports 16-bit and 24-bit color depths, including shadows.
New: Added new TargetControls options to target just controls or tagged controls.
New: Evaluation can now be re-installed in order to extend the 15-day trial.
New: Changes to internal licensing system to combat anti-piracy keygens.
New: Form skin now supports BackgroundImage and BackColor properties.
New: Panel skin now supports BackgroundImage and BackColor properties.
New: Now automatically skins windows forms LinkLabel control background.
Fix: AquaSkin incorrectly activated when hosted on a custom control component.
Fix: Render problems with certain types of 3rd party print dialog drivers.

Ver 1.1.6  - Apr 28, 2008

New: Improved text formatting, now use the AutoEllipsis and AutoSize properties.
New: Button skin now supports the Image and ImageAlign properties.
New: RadioButton skin now supports the Image and ImageAlign properties.
New: CheckBox skin now supports the Image and ImageAlign properties.
Fix: Label control not transparent when parented to a GroupBox on TabPage.
Fix: Label control text not visible if the label has an image assigned and they overlap.
Fix: Label control not showing multiline text when AutoSize is set to false.
Fix: Changing the form cursor would have no effect on the current cursor.

Ver  - Mar 28, 2008

Fix: Compile and build errors when using Visual Studio on X64 platforms.
Fix: On Vista platforms, installer now puts sample projects into public documents folder.

Ver 1.1.0  - Feb 14, 2008

New: Added enhanced support for tab page background.
Fix: Fixed minor bug with MDI child caption text.

Ver 1.0.0 Jan 24, 2007

New: AquaSKin.Net is released to the developer community.