SkinSoft VistaSkin.Net


VistaSkin.Net transforms your .NET GUI applications to mimic the new Windows Vista look and feel. Your applications can now ship with a highly professional Vista appearance no matter what platform they are deployed on. The component has many advanced features and is able to skin the entire set of windows forms controls and components. Just drop the component onto the main form of your application, select a few properties and away you go, you won't need to modify anything in your project or source code.

Dynamic form shadows

VistaSkin now supports dynamic alpha-blended drop shadow effects on all forms and dialogs, a feature unique to our product and available on all platforms. Your application forms will literally spring to life popping right out of the screen.

VistaSkin.NET Small Shadow VistaSkin.NET Medium Shadow VistaSkin.NET Bold Shadow
Small Medium Bold

ToolStrip Rendering

VistaSkin will completely skin all windows forms tool strip controls including the ToolStrip, MenuStrip and StatusStrip controls. There is a choice of 3 professional tool strip rendering styles to choose from as follows :- 

The System style draws ToolStrips using skinned elements.
VistaSkin.Net ToolStrip Skin
The Professional style draws ToolStrips using skinned gradients and colors.
VistaSkin.Net ToolStrip Skin
The Mixed style draws ToolStrips using a combination of skinned and gradient styles.
VistaSkin.Net ToolStrip Skin

Built-in Skins

VistaSkin.Net is supplied with 10 embedded color schemes, allowing you to skin your applications from a choice of wide palette. The color scheme can be changed at runtime, your application GUI is automatically updated with the new visual style. Please click on an image below to sell a full skin preview.

SkinSoft VistaSkin.Net Basic Skin SkinSoft VistaSkin.Net Black Skin VistaSkin.Net Silver Skin
Vista Basic Black Color Scheme Silver Color Scheme
SkinSoft VistaSkin.Net Green Skin SkinSoft VistaSkin.Net Khaki Skin SkinSoft VistaSkin.Net Teal Skin
Green Color Scheme Khaki Color Scheme Teal Color Scheme
SkinSoft VistaSkin.Net Skin SkinSoft VistaSkin.Net Olive Skin SkinSoft VistaSkin.Net Terracotta Skin
Cadet Blue Color Scheme Olive Color Scheme Terracotta Color Scheme
SkinSoft VistaSkin.Net Tan Skin
Tan Color Scheme